The Reserve Fund Scholarship is a $1,000 Aim Higher Scholarship awarded to K-8 students from families who experience sudden and unexpected financial hardship outside of the Foundation’s normal application and awarding timelines. The goal of the scholarship is to ensure an awardee can remain enrolled in his or her Catholic school through 8th-grade.


The student’s school leader, and only his or her school leader, must complete the application below in order for a student to be considered for a Reserve Fund Scholarship. The application should offer detailed information as to why the student should be considered with special attention given to the circumstances the family is facing and the impact it has had on their ability to pay tuition.

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    Family's Total Remaining Tuition Obligation for 2023-24

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    Do one or more of the students currently receive funds from Aim Higher?

    Please outline the extenuating circumstances that are creating a barrier for the student(s)’s family to meet their tuition obligation. Be as detailed as possible.

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    If you have questions or trouble with this form, please contact Mike O’Keefe at [email protected] or by calling 612-819-6711, ext 107.