In this form, the Aim Higher team hopes to gather reflections from the parents of Aim Higher Scholars regarding their experience at local Catholic schools. These Scholar Stories will inspire gifts which allow more children to learn and grow within a Catholic school community. Thank you for sharing!

    Aim Higher Scholar name

    Aim Higher Scholar grade for the 2021-2022 academic year

    School name

    Parent name

    Parent phone number and email

    How has your Catholic school impacted your child's life?

    How has your Catholic school impacted your family's life?

    What is it about your Catholic school that gives your child the opportunity to Aim Higher?

    If you had the opportunity to speak with the person who funded your child's Aim Higher Scholarship, what would you say?

    Is there anything else you would like the Aim Higher team to know about your child or their school?

    Can the Aim Higher team feature your first name, your child's first name, and your reflections in Aim Higher communications and social media posts?

    If you have questions or trouble with this form, please contact Ricky Austin at or by calling 612-819-6711.