For Applicants. . .

When will I learn if my child received a scholarship?
For the 2024-25 school year, initial decisions will be communicated on or before March 23, 2024.

If my student receives other forms of tuition assistance, are they eligible for Aim Higher scholarships?
Yes. A student may receive tuition assistance from his or her school or another organization without affecting his or her eligibility for one of Aim Higher’s scholarships.

If my student received a scholarship last year, do I need to reapply again this year?
Yes. To be eligible for any of Aim Higher’s scholarships, both returning and new scholars must submit an application via TADS.

My child attends a 5-12 or 6-12 Catholic school. Are they eligible to receive a scholarship?
Students at 5-12 or 6-12 Catholic schools are eligible only if they are in grades 5-8 and were awarded an Aim Higher Scholarship in the previous year. The scholarship will follow them through 8th grade at whichever school they attend in the Archdiocese.

Other Questions?
Please reach out to us at 612-819-6711 or by emailing us at [email protected].

If I don’t receive a scholarship from the Aim Higher Foundation, does that mean I won’t receive any financial aid for my child?

No. The Aim Higher Foundation is just one source of financial aid at your school. We strongly encourage you to speak to the principal of your school to discuss other financial aid options.

My child did not receive a scholarship in the first application period. Is my application eligible for the second application period?

Your child’s application is only eligible during the second/summer application period if your financial circumstances have changed (eg: loss of a job, decrease in income) between the two periods and you update your TADS application with the new information. Otherwise, your application will not be reviewed in the second application period.

One of my children received a scholarship, but one or more of my other children did not receive a scholarship. Was there a mistake?

For a variety of reasons, it is possible that only one of your children received a scholarship from the Aim Higher Foundation.

If my child didn’t receive a scholarship this year, does that mean he/she won’t receive one next year?

No. For the last 5 years, the Aim Higher Foundation has increased the number of scholarships we award each year. Even more encouraging, our growth has outpaced the increase in demand. This means that every year, your chances of receiving a scholarship increase. We encourage you to apply again next year.


If you do not receive a scholarship. . .


If you do receive a scholarship. . .

If my student is awarded a scholarship, when do we get the money?
The scholarship will be sent to the school on the student’s behalf after their enrollment has been verified in October 2024. It will be applied directly to the student’s tuition amount by your school.

What happens if a student is awarded a scholarship but then declines it or has their enrollment application denied by a school?
An Aim Higher Scholarship that is declined or denied is returned to the Aim Higher Foundation.
A CSAF/Aim Higher Scholarship that is declined or denied is awarded to the next eligible student.

If my child is awarded a scholarship and then transfers to another eligible school midway through the school year, does my scholarship follow my child to that school for that year?
The Aim Higher Foundation treats each scholarship as fully applied to the total cost of tuition at the time of the student’s enrollment verification in October. Therefore, Aim Higher Scholarships only follow the student to another eligible school at the beginning of each new school year up to eighth grade. CSAF/Aim Higher Scholarships do not follow the student.

Other Questions?
Please reach out to MIke O’Keefe at 612-819-6711 ext. 107 or by emailing at [email protected].