Summer Cycle TADS Update - 2020 | Aim Higher Foundation

UPDATE MY TADS Application

Given the continued economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, the Aim Higher Foundation is encouraging families to update their existing TADS applications for the 2020-21 school year to ensure we have the most up-to-date information to make scholarships decisions. If a family has experienced a job loss or other financial hardship since submitting their application in the winter, please complete the form below and submit the necessary supporting documentation to your TADS account.

    PLEASE NOTE: The accuracy of the information below is of the utmost important to our review process. We request that you use the same name and email address as you used on your TADS application.

    Contact Information
    Parent or Guardian Name & Email

    TADS Financial Aid Reference Number for 2020-21 (7-digit number beginning with "2")

    Change of Income Since March 1, 2020
    1. What sources of income have been reduced or lost? Please include the name of the company and the position included in your original application. Add as much as detail as possible.

    2. Please list the revised estimated 2020 income for each source of income that has been affected by COVID-19. Add as much detail as possible.

    3. Please enter the new total estimated income for 2020 for your household.

    Change of Expenses Since March 1, 2020
    Have there been increased expenses you have incurred because of COVID-19? If so, please list them and their cost below. [example: additional dependent, medical bills, new debts, etc.]

    Document Upload Acknowledgment

    Form Submission Acknowledgment

    If you have questions or trouble with this form, please contact Ricky Austin at or by calling 612-819-6711