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July 27, 2023
Aim Higher Foundation Welcomes Mike O’Keefe, Director of Scholarship Programs
August 30, 2023

Aim Higher Scholars Come Together to Celebrate Back to School

The Aim Higher Foundation’s much-anticipated Back to School Ice Cream Social took place at the Cathedral on August 20th, drawing in a crowd of over 200 scholars and family members. This annual gathering served as an invigorating opportunity for staff, dedicated board members, and generous donors to come together and personally connect with the scholarship recipients and their families. The event, marked by an atmosphere of camaraderie and enthusiasm, provided a unique platform to forge meaningful relationships and celebrate the collective commitment to Catholic education.

The joy was palpable as people from all different corners of the Aim Higher community came together. “The most striking part for me,” said President Ricky Austin, “was the genuine gratitude expressed by parents who approached me with heartfelt thanks for the scholarships that have made Catholic education a reality for their families. Witnessing the impact of our efforts in the lives of these students and their parents reaffirms the importance of our mission. It was a powerful reminder that quality education has the potential to transform lives.” All members of the Aim Higher community left the event with a renewed commitment to provide kids with access to the exceptional education that Catholic schools offer.

Amid laughter, yard games, and frozen treats, the Ice Cream Social encapsulated an energy of gratitude for Catholic schools’ values and excellence, reinforcing the sense of community that thrives within these institutions' walls. The event highlighted that, thanks to the support of friends and donors of the Aim Higher Foundation, these scholars are embarking upon the promises of a bright future.

A special thanks is due to Fr. Ubel, the Cathedral staff, and the Knights of Columbus for generously providing the space, as well as their hard work in setting up and taking down tables, chairs, and tents.