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September 26, 2023
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October 30, 2023

Every child deserves the best education available

By Ricky Austin, President

Too many children don’t have access to the quality of education they deserve. At the Aim Higher Foundation, our goal is to address that inequity. We do so by ensuring that every child whose family seeks for them a Catholic education can access a Catholic school. And when we say every child, we mean every child.

Regardless of their family’s background, ethnicity, financial situation, or religion, every child deserves the best education available. It’s the very least we can do to make sure that all children are given the tools they need to become the very best versions of themselves. The children will benefit. Their families will benefit. And the fabric of our community will be strengthened when all kids can reach their fullest potential.

Ricky Austin is the president of the Aim Higher Foundation

At the Aim Higher Foundation, we know Catholic schools provide an education that is second to none. But we also know that even though children deserve access to the benefits found in a Catholic education, not everyone can pay the tuition to attend a Catholic school.

Closing the gap between those who want to send their child to a Catholic school and those with the funds to pay tuition for a Catholic school is the main reason we exist at the Aim Higher Foundation. In fact, it’s the only reason we exist.

But to do this, we need your help.

One month from today, we will host the 11th annual Night of Light celebration. With keynotes from Archbishop Hebda and yours truly, paired with inspiring stories from the students and families we serve, the evening will put on display the far-reaching and inspiring impact we can make when we invest in today’s children.

Each year, at the Night of Light, we shine a light on the Catholic schools in this Archdiocese and the children within their walls. We also shine a light on our supporters, our donors, and our friends. The highlighting of all is essential. Without Catholic schools, our communities would be notably less than they are today. And as you’ve read in this column, and seen us shout from the rooftops, the impressive and growing list of benefits Catholic schools have on the children they serve can hardly be understated.

Critical to the story of Catholic schools and their proven impact are those who make the Aim Higher Foundation possible. We simply couldn’t do this work without you. So while the Night of Light is, first and foremost, about the children and the Catholic schools we serve, it’s also about the people in attendance and those who support our mission. I hope you’ll join us to celebrate this mission, to celebrate our impact, and to let us celebrate and thank you.

See you there!